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Wang Wentao: Further Deepening China-Hungary Anti-epidemic and Trade and Economic Cooperation to Bring Bilateral Comprehensive Strategic Partnership to a Higher Level

On the afternoon of February 26, Minister of Commerce Wang Wentao and the Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó had a phone call and exchanged views on implementing the outcomes and consensuses of the China-CEEC Summit and further deepening economic and trade relations and anti-epidemic cooperation. A series of consensuses were reached.

Wang Wentao said that China and Hungary enjoy a deep traditional friendship and close trade and economic cooperation. In the trying times since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, China and Hungary have reached out to each other and made sound progress in anti-epidemic cooperation, building a bridge of friendship and life; bilateral trade has been growing against headwinds and investment cooperation continuing to expand. On February 9 this year, President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán attended the China-CEEC Summit together. The series of consensuses reached at the summit charted the course for further deepening China-Hungary economic and trade ties.

Wang Wentao said that this year, China will begin to implement the 14th five-year plan, move faster to build a new development paradigm and advance reform and opening-up from a higher starting point, which will present a broader market and development opportunities for all countries, including Hungary. MOFCOM stands ready to work with the Hungarian side to implement the consensuses reached at the China-CEEC Summit and by our leaders and further deepen anti-epidemic and trade and economic cooperation to bring China-Hungary comprehensive strategic partnership to a higher level.

Péter Szijjártó said that Hungary attaches great importance to developing relations with China. Hungary is the first European country to sign an intergovernmental cooperation document with China on the Belt and Road initiative, and the first EU country to approve the use of and get access to Chinese vaccines. In 2020, despite the impact of COVID-19, bilateral trade between Hungary and China grew by 20% against headwinds and China became Hungary’s largest FDI source of the year. Hungary stands ready to deepen trade, economic and financial cooperation with China, welcomes Chinese investment in Hungary, and hopes to help Hungarian banks set up branches in China. Péter Szijjártó expressed his special thanks to China for its strong support in vaccine cooperation and said he would stay committed to advancing the comprehensive strategic partnership with China based on mutual respect.

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